Avoiding the runs 💩

If you are unfortunate enough to end up with travellers diarrhoea, it really has the potential to spoil your day, even your whole trip for that matter. There are a few simple tips that can help prevent you from getting caught short.

  1. Avoid buffet food which may have been left our for some time, allowing bacteria to grow. Opt for piping hot fresh food instead, much safer and less likely to cause issues.

  2. Be wary of salads, these can be a source of troubled if not prepared in a clean uncontaminated area.

  3. Stick to bottled water as tap water can be a common cause for a runny tummy

  4. Avoid ice cubes as these are often made using that very tap water.

  5. Be extra careful to wash your hands after using the toilet and before and after preparing food, sounds obvious but lots of people still don’t do it.

Treating Travellers Diarrhoea

If despite your best efforts you do have diarrhoea whilst on your travels there are a few things you can do to help. Most cases are mild to moderate with less than 6 stools (💩) in 24 hours and therefore clear fluids with the addition of rehydration salts will help to keep hydrated. Be careful to prepare rehydration drinks using bottled water, sounds obvious but it is an easy mistake to make. Antidiarrhoeal medications such as loperamide can help with both the cramps and number of trips to the toilet, easing your symptoms and reducing the risk of dehydration. If you do become more unwell, particularly if there is blood or mucous in the stool and particularly if you have fever or vomiting then please seek medical attention. Best not to take any chances.

If you do have any symptoms or concerns please remember to speak to your doctor. I hope you have found the above tips helpful😊