How to deal with first day at school/villa nerves 😧

There will be loads of times in life where we go into a new unfamiliar situation, whether you are off travelling or it’s your first day at university or work. I remember how worried I was going into the villa that I would not be able to find common interests or connections with the other islanders. This is a natural fear and something we will all face in our lives. Ultimately these situations are character building and strengthen us as individuals. Here are my top tips at beating the nerves and mastering these situations.

  1. Plenty of shut eye the night before- being well rested before going into a new situation means your mind is much more likely to be focused as well as relaxed, making those awkward slip ups about how old you are or where you are from less likely.

  2. Skip the coffee- When we are nervous and anxious our body is kicking out a load of adrenaline as well as other hormones to put us in a ‘fight or flight’ state. Now this would be useful if you are about to wrestle a lion however not so useful when going into a new social situation. The caffeine within coffee and other energy drinks exaggerates these effects, making you feel more on edge and worsening the nerves.

  3. Check the dress code- nothing makes your stomach sink quite like turning up and finding out you have dressed inappropriately. I mean imagine turning up to the villa in a suit…. That being said always better to overdress than the opposite, dressing down an outfit is easier than trying to smarten one.

  4. Know your audience- this gives you plenty of time to learn the lingo, like ‘peng sort’ for example. Whoever you are meeting it always looks good to know a little background, it can help with those potentially awkward conversation starters.

  5. Be yourself! I know this is flavour of the month but it is so true. If you are going to be spending any length of time with people then who you are will quickly become apparent. Remember the loudest people are often not the most confident and those who say the least can also be the ones with the most to offer. Ask plenty of questions and listen and engage with the people around you and before you know it you will be settled in fine.